Well it's certainly been a while (again). I won't pretend that the world somehow feels very different than it did when I last wrote here but that's a whole lot more than I care to unpack in this moment.

Instead, I'd like to talk about super glue. I've taken up a lot of small hobbies to stay sane while I spend the most of my time working from home in Chicago's winter. And, through the course of those hobbies, I have come to understand the sublime heights and direst depths of fast-curing adhesives—and this week I may have found true love.

Loctite has a "gel control" super glue in several curing times meaning I now have an incredibly manageable, low-fuss solution while arranging components and prototyping. Looks meaningfully at the chemical burn I received at the hands of super-thin fast-dry glue. You put the glue on a surface and it stays there! This is an impossibly small improvement on my immediate circumstances yet it is an improvement nonetheless.

Of course, this is a silly thing to return to, but I've been meaning to put something here and I am pleased as punch having found this glue this week. But I also had some other news:


Happy New Year, Sarah.