Marginalia VI

  • I haven't mentioned this here, but I'm pursuing my masters in Business Analytics at the University of Cincinnati after some prolonged dancing along the periphery. Very business; very school. But I'm learning plenty, and it feels right.
  • Updates to this site are coming. It would seem I've finally cracked the code of making regular, reasonable progress on a project. Still a ways to go, but the major things (new database, new admin from scratch) are (mostly) sorted.
  • Gave Facebook the boot by locking myself out (intentionally). The election looms large over my well-being and the density of off-the-cuff hot takes was approaching critical mass. Twitter, on the other hand, is at least the devil I know. I'll partake again once it's Movember season (assuming I remain in corporeal form after November 8th).
  • And with that in mind, I've been enjoying Says Who—good to know I'm not alone in losing it completely.

Matt Policastro

I'm Matt Policastro, a data scientist at Clearhead. I build analyses and software to improve experiences and outcomes. I like bicycles, coffee, and building neat stuff. Welcome to my site.

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