It's been a minute.

  • Been working out an eventual migration to a new database, as well as a bunch of other changes to the site.
  • My interest in Skilful Grammar has petered out (not surprising, really). It was great to learn Swift and iOS, but the moment passed. If I'm up to it, I might toss it out into the open so folks can sideload it or take it somewhere interesting.
  • I think I figured out why I've been dragging out the process of changing this site: voice. As much as I want to have all my writing and posts in one place, I'm having a harder and harder time reconciling topics and interests (weird internet jokes and circumspect reflection aren't the best bedfellows). Keeping it on a low burner.
  • Most importantly, I'm (sort of) a student again! Part-time classes in statistics and regression analysis. I've forgotten a lot of math, but the buzz of feeling clever never gets old.