Fall has been rather sudden and unfamiliar, but not unwelcome. Haven't been up to too much other than computer things:

  1. Developing some interesting analyses at work (modelling charitable giving). I'm definitely at a point where my analytical problem-solving feels R-shaped, but I've also been getting over my gripes with Python. Different jobs, different tools, and teaching/collaborating is fun.
  2. Speaking of Python, agate is phenomenal. It really does cut out a lot of the unfriendliness it comes to basic analysis in Python. Convinced a few of my colleagues who were really pushing the limits of Excel to sidle on over, and it's been smashing.
  3. Oh, and I'm writing an iOS app (it's a content blocker).

Skilful Grammar

I don't want to get into "why content blocking" yet, but I've wanted to play around with iOS and Swift for a while and this seemed like a great place to start. For the moment, I'm calling it Skilful Grammar: it was a dumb name a program gave me once, but I couldn't think of anything more right: simple keywords → useful rules.

It won't be "press once to block ads"; it won't cost anything; it might come out soon. To be frank I'm caught up on tidbits of look and feel. Building the presentation is easy; it's all the interaction fiddliness that has me hung up. That said, the app won't be a selection of switches—this will be for "professionals", if you're so inclined.

Should you have unsolicited ramblings, second opinions, or, hell, mild interest, get in touch. I honestly don't know if the way I've gone about it stands a chance in App Review—but hey, that's all part of the fun.