1. I tweaked the way my desk is built—again. (For those keeping score, I’ve likened my desk’s construction to being akin to a hotrod or fancy bicycle: tinkering is much more fun than driving. Or sitting. Whatever.)

  2. I decided to toss this site up onto GitHub. I still have weird feelings about GitHub (the company) and lord knows this site is very rough around the edges, but in the interest of transparency and maintaining momentum, I’ll put it out in the open.

    DumDum is a Meteor app designed to read from collections of my blog posts and other data. I need to do more polishing and cleaning—there are some rough templates, missing features, and other bumps—but it’s certainly succeeded in helping me have more fun with blogging.

    As of this moment, I’m keeping my authoring methods a secret—I’ve a number of half-formed thoughts of where I’d like to go next, and need to do a fair bit more work before showing it off.

  3. As I mentioned a while back, I attended Theorizing the Web 2015 a few weeks back, and what a wonderful thing. Really, I’ve hardly not been able to think about it since. The discussions of surveillance and the social roles of algorithms were simply oustanding, and brought a great deal else in the world into new light.