Well it’s certainly been a while. A recap:

  • I got an honest-to-goodness, full-time job. I work with data. It’s nice.
  • I learned R for the data stuff. It’s a funny language, but the community’s good and there’s (mostly) no weird, Python-ish whitespace.
  • I also got a whole lot better at stuff on the web. Started fiddling with all kinds of JavaScript frameworks[1] and interactive visualisations for work.

So, a year of learning. And it’s been great! I needed some time to meet people and soak in some new ideas. But, I’ve missed blogging. I have a bad habit of sitting on things until I’m convinced they’re perfect—which never happens—so I’m trying to get better at putting things out there and letting you figure it out.

I’m typically in the camp of “tools don’t matter”, but the previous version of this site never felt quite right; publishing a post meant moving files wrapped up in YAML over FTP to my server. Not bad, just… kludgy. I’ll do a full write-up at some point when I’ve had a chance to tidy up some of my mess, but this incarnation comes much closer to meeting my own needs. Which means I now don’t have an excuse to be on here.

Anyways, if you’re still listening, thanks; and if you’re new, well, also thanks—and say hi[2].

  1. Every time a JS framework is born, an angel gets its wings.  ↩

  2. I’m going to Theorizing the Web! If you’re around, I’m hash-modding “Here Comes Every Body” (Studio B #b5) on Saturday, April 18th.  ↩