I'm Matt Policastro, a data scientist at Clearhead. I build analyses and software to improve experiences and outcomes. I like bicycles, coffee, and building neat stuff. Welcome to my site.

A not-so-brief history

I moved around a lot as a kid but (mostly) grew up in the suburbs of Cincinnati, Ohio where I was a pretty stereotypical band and theatre kid. Once I finished high school I went to The College of Wooster where, after a whistle-stop tour of departments and disciplines, I studied sociology and environmental studies, was active in environmental sustainability policy development, and started fooling around with computers and web technologies. My senior thesis at Wooster examined the smartphone a as a sociological artifact of the internet and its development throughout the 20th century.

After finishing school I worked odd jobs doing design and web work and eventually ended up in a full-time role running online marketing and digital analytics. While in that role I started building my skills in R, Python, and Node.js. After a year or two I realised I wanted to specialise and decided to pursue my masters at the University of Cincinnati to study statistics, machine learning, and business analytics.

Since then I've moved to Chicago, Illinois and started working with Clearhead as a data scientist. I run the quantitative end of things for A/B/n and multivariate tests for user experience and user interactions on websites and applications, as well as running research and software projects in other domains. In my free time I enjoy bicycles, coffee, and building neat stuff.